Keep your boat in a safe,
convenient central location!

Balmoral provides a great location for you to keep your boat on Sydney Harbour. It’s supported with loads of parking and a vibrant, world-class café and take-away food and drink facility, the Boathouse Café.

We have a total of 56 moorings and are tucked away at the southern end of Balmoral Beach providing unprecedented protection from damaging southerly winds. Our Moorings are Licensed for use by the NSW government and can support vessels up to 20 metres for a fixed monthly fee that is calculated on the vessels length.

Fully maintained, stress free moorings
– plus a ‘valet’ tender service!

We provide all the ‘underwater’ apparatus to suit your boat and keep the whole system fully maintained. Included in the monthly mooring fee is unlimited access to our 7 day per week ‘valet’ Tender service to drop you and your guests to your boat and then pick you up. After hours use is available with any of our rowing tenders that are kept at our dock.

Our Tender Operates 7 days per week from 9am to 5pm in the winter months and 8am to 6pm during the Daylight saving period. Our custom WOWO (Walk On Walk Off) Tender is safe and delivers a level of service that is as close to a high priced Marina Berth as you can get – you simply step on our Tender and step of – easy, safe and comfortable.

Our service is efficient and our Moorings are exceptionally well maintained. The business has been in this location since 1923 and sits in a protected bay immediately adjacent to four great bodies of water – Middle Harbour, Manly, Sydney Harbour and the Pacific Ocean – it is super convenient saving you time and money.

Economical, safe and easy

A Mooring at the Balmoral Boatshed is the most economical way of keeping your boat in a safe, easy access, central location on the harbour. For those that have a government issued mooring at Balmoral we can also provide you access to the Tender Service and amenities of the Boatshed for a single annual fee . No dinghy to store or carry around – just turn up and we will drop you to your boat.


To be allocated a NSW Maritime Private Mooring License you need to place your name on the Priority Waiting List. The waiting time for a mooring allocation at Balmoral is measured in years, lots of them. Once you clear the list you then need to arrange and pay for the mooring apparatus to be laid (anchor blocks, ground chain, rise and fall chain, shackles and swivels, ropes and buoys). Annual Fees are then paid to the government and, as the license holder, you are required to arrange annual servicing.


You can call us for a mooring from the Balmoral Boatshed. We provide you with a site suitable for your boat and look after the provision of all the mooring apparatus and fit it up to suit your boat. Our moorings are serviced regularly by Sydney’s best. Simple. Getting to and from your boat is easy. Our WOWO tender service operates every day. The only day we are closed is Christmas Day and on the morning of New Years Day. Also, if you need to get to or from your boat out of hours, we can provide a rowing dinghy by prior arrangement.


8-9 m
(26-30 feet)


per month
all inclusive

(33-36 feet)


per month
all inclusive

(39-42 feet)


per month
all inclusive

(46-49 feet)


per month
all inclusive

(53-59 feet)


per month
all inclusive

(60 + feet)


please call

For permanent or medium term enquiries and availability
please call Steven Hedge on 0411 644 777.

For casual rates and availability by the day or week please call 0434 505 444.

To find out more call 0434 505 444.